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There are several Working Groups (WG) established within SSC. Each of them is focused on a particular area of Cardiology. Establishment of the new WG is approved by SSC Executive Committee at the written request of the initiating committee, composed from SSC members. Description of the WG activities is part of the new WG proposal.

WG is governed by SSC statutes. The closure of WG or its merger with another WG can be executed either by a simple majority of votes at the Members Meeting or by SSC Executive Committee, if membership drops below 10 members.  Should Audit Committee submit request to terminate WG, then unanimous approval of the Executive Committee is necessary for this to happen.

Elections to the WG Committee are single stage, correspondence, secret ballot and direct. They are carried out simultaneously with the second round of elections to the SSC Executive Committee. During the vote, member of the WG may select maximum of 5 candidates for WG Committee. In the case of the first ever elections to the WG Committee ballot has to contain names of all WG members. Top five candidates with the highest number of votes become WG Committee members. In case of equal number of votes, it is decided based on the lot. The first meeting of the WG Committee shall be convened by a member who received the most votes, no later than three months after the announcement of election results to WG Committee. WG committee at its first meeting shall elect by secret ballot its President and the Scientific Secretary. Chairman of the Working Group shall have the right to attend SSC Executive Committee meetings, but without voting rights.

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