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Slovak Society of Cardiology

Slovak Society of Cardiology (SSC) is an independent citizens association. Its main mission is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Slovakia. This is done mainly through the comprehensive support of advances in Cardiology.

SSC is a collective member of the Slovak Medical Association (SkMA). It represents Slovak Cardiology in the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and in the World Heart Federation.
SSC is a successor of the Czechoslovak Society of Cardiology which was established in 1929 and was a member of the Czechoslovak Medical Society of J.E. Purkynje. SSC has been a member of the Slovak Medical Association since 1969.

SSC currently has over 1,300 members, who are experts in Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular research.

SSC reaches its objectives by promoting education of physicians and other health care professionals, through research and development, creation of guidelines, introduction of up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and by assisting in introduction of relevant legislation. Principal activities of SSC include the organization of the annual SSC Congress and issuing of SSC Official Journal "Cardiology Letters".
SSC promotes healthy lifestyle as a part of primary prevention as well as secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. To achieve these goals we work closely with several governmental and non-governmental organizations. With focus on effective communication with the general public and to reach objectives in public health, Slovak Heart Foundation was founded in 2006.

The main activities of SSC encompass:
•  Congress of Slovak Society of Cardiology
•  Scientific Meetings and Symposia of the Working Groups
•  Cardiology Letters Journal
•  Awarding Grants (research and travel)
•  Best Publication and Best Presentation competition
•  Financial support of publication and presentation activities
•  Professional support of activities of partner organizations
•  Cooperation with similar international organizations

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