Reminder to pay annual SSC membership fee

Dear SSC member,

We would like to kindly ask you to check if your annual membership dues of Slovak Society of Cardiology were paid already. The status of payments can be checked on our website: (after your registration on the website).
Annual membership fee prior to year 2009 was 8.29 €. Since year 2009 it changed to 20 €.
Under current SSC statutes (article 5.3.c. and 5.4.1.c. regarding the duties of a SSC member, including member fees and  rules governing termination of membership in SSC), SSC Committee for non-payment of membership fees  is entitled to terminate such member after failure to pay fees for two consecutive years (article 5.4.1.c.).
Please note that you should pay your membership dues to SSC via bank account number: 2621025496/1100, Tatra Banka, Bratislava. Please use the following Variable Symbol with payment: 15 (calendar year) 0 (designation payment of membership fee) xxxx (identification number member SSC four-digit format - see after logging in "My Profile"). Into addendum/note for the recipient please state your name and surname.
In addition to that, we would like to ask you to update your profile on SSC website ( . Within your profile please check your personal data (especially mandatory  items,  marked with *), as well as your membership in the SSC Working Groups.

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